NBK Construction, with its team experienced in infrastructure and superstructure for over 28 years, has undertaken projects of various sizes in different areas of TRNC since its establishment, and continues to grow with new projects.

By following the latest innovations in technology all the while preserving the nature, and timely completion of projects that meets the quality expectations, NBK continues to remain as one of the most professional and reliable companies in the construction industry, maintaining its high raking in the sector, by completing its projects on time and at the expected quality level.

Continually and meticulously searching for new portfolio across the island with the aim of expanding our investments.

NBK Construction, which listens carefully to its customers' expectations and desires in every project and takes into account the feedback received from completed projects in its next new project, will continue to develop projects that are suitable for the purposes, requests, and land-nature conditions of its customers, while being present wherever life and people exist.

Our Vision

To carry out our construction activities with quality, efficiency, and sustainability. To ensure customer satisfaction not only during the buying process but also in after-sales processes. Effectively improving all processes and to quickly respond to varying customer expectations. Our priority in construction activities is to comply with environmental, occupational health and safety, and quality standards. Building trust with our customers and establishing long-term partnerships through transparent and open communication.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide sustainable, high-quality, and innovative solutions in the construction sector that meet our clients’ constantly evolving and changing needs and contribute to the society. In line with this mission, we strive to operate with high standards of project management, strong work ethics, collaboration, and teamwork, aiming to be a trustworthy, respectable, and transparent company. We also prioritize the development of our employees, ensuring their commitment and passion in their work. To maintain and improve our position as a leader in the construction industry, we continuously follow new technologies, and research ways to improve our quality and reduce costs.